• Events by Collette Culinary School is finally selling there Donut Treats!

    After years of everyone telling Collette Simko Knauss that she needs to sell her culinary treats, she has finally decided to dip her fingers into this part of the hospitality business.

    Beginning August 5, 2021, her mini donuts cakes will be on sale in the greater Austin area. They are gluten free, vegan, low in sugar, and made with no artificial colors or flavors. 

    The donuts are sold like a box of 6 truffles and available for pick up. delivery, and purchase at Crown Donut Lakeway. Since Collette is a typical Austinite, all packaging is of course, compostable 

    Flavors offered: chocolate with chocolate ganache, strawberry with strawberry buttercream and chocolate ganache, cinnamon sugar, cinnamon bun glaze, and avocado lime with lime glaze.

    Collette runs a boutique culinary school, Events by Collette. She teaches children and adults how to be creative in the kitchen and cook with food allergies. Everything they prepare is gluten free, soy free and for those with dairy and nightshade intolerances. All classes can be in school, in home, and virtual. 

    Visit for more information: www.eventsbycollette.com

  • ChamberFest 2021 is on November 6th!!