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    My name is Pree and I am a stress and anxiety coach. My passion is teaching people how to transcend stress and anxiety so they can live their best life.

    I am a NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, Registered Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Meditation Teacher and have over 5 years of experience in the aforementioned industries.

    I know when stress and anxiety are addressed at the mindset, then creating your desired lifestyle becomes habitual rather than a constant uphill battle. In addition, I am aware that different people learn in different ways, and as a result, am always learning and growing myself to incorporate new concepts and techniques to teach people how to transform their stress and anxiety from a dreaded chore into a fun and enjoyable experience. I will work with you personally and/or collectively as a group, to provide you with the necessary resources to put you in a position to succeed and to develop your desired lifestyle.

    My primary offering is my "Creating Unshakeable Confidence" course which is meant to nourish our physical state, mental state, and spiritual state on a daily basis. The course teaches you how to mindfully build habits in a healthy manner (habit stacking) instead of trying to learn multiple habits all at once. This implementation method helps ditch the all or nothing/perfectionist/instant gratification that we've been conditioned to adopt throughout our life.

    After the completion of this course, you'll be able to identify and tackle your specific causes of stress and anxiety to live a more fulfilled life.

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